Bed Bug Inspections

Identify & Confirm
Before you hire and pay for bed bug treatments, you need to make sure that it is bed bugs that you are battling. There are other factors that can cause bite-like reactions that resemble bed bug bites, including other pests. Don’t pay for bed bug treatments when you may have carpet beetles!

In bed bug work, anything less than 100% eradication is a failure. Missing a single adult female or three-to-four instars and your problem will return within a few weeks. Don’t rely on the spray-and-pray protocols often used by pest control companies. This method will ultimately fail, leaving you with the same problem you started with. Guaranteed Pest Solutions will take the time required, to perform a detailed inspection, all rooms need to be inspected. Do not fall for "if one rooms has bed bugs all rooms need to be treated," this is simply not true! In fact the easiest bed bug job is one where no bed bugs are present!

After Guaranteed Pest Solutions performs your inspection we document all findings for your records. These documents include pictures of our findings, this way you can be sure bed bugs and or signs of the bed bug lifecycle were found and where they were found. Make sure if a company says they found bed bugs and or evidence of bed bugs they supply you with photos of it or show it to you.

Plan Treatments
Based on bed bug inspection findings no two bed bug jobs are the same. Bed bug behavior does not change much unless we force them to change via chemicals, heat or removal of a host. Treatment plans need to be tailored to your property and your current bed bug situation. A proper and thorough inspection is always required and treatment needs to be based on actual findings. The only way a Las Vegas pest control company can quote a bed bug treatment plan, without doing a bed bug inspection, is to assume every room needs to be treated and charge accordingly.  Guaranteed Pest Solutions recommends calling for an accurate bed bug inspection to find out what room or rooms truly have bed bugs.  Once your bed bug inspection is completed, then, you only pay to treat those rooms as other rooms are bed bug free!

Bed Bug Training & Seminars

We offer bed bug training and seminars to local business's . Over the years bed bugs have caused staff to become concerned about bringing bed bugs home from their job. Bed bugs most effective mode of transportation is us. So who is at the highest risk? Any business were people come and spend 10 to 30 minutes or more. They can be seated in chairs, cubicles, booths and obviously bedrooms. So when an employee has to also work around these areas. Even if the risk is low, transfer can happen. Guaranteed Pest Solutions bed bug training and seminars focus on explaining attendees how we will limit their potential exposure to bed bugs. With a little understanding of bed bug behaviors, tendencies and body placement we can reduce this risk. Knowledge is everyone's key defense to bed bugs.

We can customize our bed bug training to suit your needs. 

For more information please call or office or send us an email.