Specialty Services

Scorpion Service

Southern Nevada is home to a few species of scorpions. We have the striped scorpion, the desert hairy and the bark scorpion are the most common found in the Las Vegas valley. Identifying what type of scorpion is on your property is a must. The bark scorpion is the most venomous found in the United States and if on your property needs to be dealt with.

Our solution for scorpions includes knowledge of scorpion behaviors, exclusion (sealing entry points into your home or building) , Micro-encapsulation products for effective, long lasting control of scorpions, utilizing a dust formulation and if required a night time scorpion mapping inspection.

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Bed Bugs

We have the experience, knowledge, technology and equipment to handle all bed bug inspection and elimination issues.  We are true Las Vegas bed bug experts.

We spent 5 years as a company that ONLY inspected and eliminated bed bugs!  By servicing bed bugs on a daily basis, while performing thousands of inspections, allowed us to study bed bug behavior, tendencies and technology. We formulated a program that uses that knowledge against bed bugs.


Applying chemicals all over your property is NOT part of our program!

Having to bag and remove all of your items is also NOT a part of our program!

We perform a detailed bed bug inspection and then tailor a bed bug elimination plan based on your particular inspection results.


Bed Bug Extermination Services:

1 Traditional Bed Bug Treatment: Hepa Vacuum, Steam Treatment, Chemical treatment and exclusion.

2. Non Chemical Bed Bug Treatment: Hepa Vacuum, Steam Treatment, Cryonite (Rapid freeze) and exclusion.

3. Bed Bug Heat Treatment:  Entire structure heating and partial structure heating.




For more information on our Heat Treatments click here

Roof rats can do an incredible amount of damage if they can get into an attic or crawlspace. Noise in the attic or wall is typically the first sign that alert customer's to a potential problem. If you hear noise coming from your attic, call for an inspection before they have a chance to chew threw wires and your homes air conditioner/heating duct duct work. Exclusion, removal of attractants and population reduction are required.

Other Rodents: Norway, Pack rats and mice

We use the latest technology in rodent elimination. In 2019 we started implementing live video feed both interior attic and exterior roof to monitor rodent activity. Watch the two short videos below then give us a call:

Image by Mert Guller

Wasps and Bees

Image by Bee Safe

Bee Swarm

As the weather turns warmer keep an eye out for wasps and bees flying around looking to start a nest on your property. The golden paper wasp liked to make nests in:

  1. Eves of homes

  2. Dense bushes

  3. Under roof tiles

  4. Inside attics if vent screens have a gap 

  5. Children's play structures outside

Bees hives are often found in:

  1. Irrigation boxes

  2. Ceramic yard art

  3. Inside the walls of a structure

  4. Inside a hollow tree

Sometimes you may see a bee swarm in Las Vegas, this looks like a big ball of bees hanging off of various things. They usually only stop for a day or two and move on looking for a new home. If you see this call our office for advice!

If you find a wasp nest or a bee hive on your Las Vegas or Henderson property call our office. We will dispatch a technician to remove the threat from your property.

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