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Reaching a Deal

Professionalism:  Serving the entire Las Vegas Valley area including Summerlin, Aliante, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley and the surrounding areas since 2008. Customized pest plans, affordable pricing, exceptional customer service along with a team of experienced, licensed and knowledgeable technicians.


Knowledge:  We take pest elimination to the next level.

There are a minimum of four steps that we implement on every job.

  1. Identify the type and species of the pest.

  2. Inspect and identify WHY this particular pest is in or on your property.

  3. We then look at what measures need to be taken to remove the reason why they are there.

  4. After the first three steps are complete, we form an action plan that includes treating and excluding.

Effort:  We take pride in our company's philosophy. We understand the quickest and safest way to keep our clients pest free is NOT just showing up and spraying chemicals around their property. We put maximum effort on many fronts. Insect knowledge, environmental knowledge, product knowledge and seasonal pressure knowledge. Not just knowing these, but implementing these in our daily choices for pest elimination, is another key why we are truly your best choice to protect your property from pest related issues.

Caring:  The glue that holds our company together is our compassion. To us this is not just pest control, it's managing your property. This is about you having your property available to you when you want and in a pest free manner. For this to happen a company needs to care enough to live in the present but also know what will be coming in the next season, and care enough to get ahead of it.

Communication: You always have access to us via phone when you want to speak with someone. You can text our office at almost anytime of the day or early evening.  One of these two options are suggested if you have a question that needs an immediate answer.  You can also just send us an email if your question is not urgent!

We use a paperless, state of the art software system that allows your technician to capture photos and videos from your property. These are attached to your emailed service order upon completion of service. This is especially useful not only to homeowner's but also landlords, Las Vegas property managers, Henderson and Las Vegas homeowner's associations (Las Vegas HOA's), commercial properties and also Las Vegas AIRBNB owners and property manager's so that we can point out any deficiencies that may need attention that your technicians observes while onsite (example: leaking irrigation systems).


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