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Bed Bug Inspections and
Bed Bug Elimination

* Experience Matters * Attention to Details Matters *
One bed bed bug left behind and treatment will fail.
Bed bugs require eliminating every single bed bug.

We offer the most comprehensive

We have the experience, knowledge, technology and equipment to handle all bed bug inspection and elimination issues.  We are your true Las Vegas bed bug experts.

We spent 5 years as K-9 Sweeps, a company that ONLY inspected and eliminated bed bugs!  We were the first bed bug dog inspection company in the area. By specializing in bed bugs on a daily basis, while performing thousands of inspections, it allowed us to study bed bug behavior, tendencies and technology. We formulated a program that uses that knowledge against bed bugs.

Applying chemicals all over your property is NOT part of our program.

Bagging and removing all of your items is also NOT a part of our program.

We perform a detailed bed bug inspection and then tailor a bed bug elimination plan based on your particular inspection results.


Bed Bug Extermination Services:

1 Traditional Bed Bug Treatment: Hepa Vacuum, Steam Treatment, Chemical treatment and exclusion.

2. Non Chemical Bed Bug Treatment: Hepa Vacuum, Steam Treatment, Cryonite (Rapid freeze) and exclusion.

3. Bed Bug Heat Treatment:  Entire structure heating and partial structure heating.

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