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Bed Bug Inspections Las Vegas

We get results. Guaranteed.

bed bug eggs

Bed Bug Inspections

  • To be successful in bed bug treatment 100% removal is required. 99% removal is a failure.

  • K-9 Sweeps, a bed bug only inspection and remediation company in Las Vegas -- your true bed bug experts.

  • Looking for a free bed bug inspection in Las Vegas or Henderson?
    Do your research.  Many Las Vegas pest control companies offer free bed bug inspections but is their a catch?  Do they charge to treat YOUR ENTIRE HOME even if bed bugs are only in one room?

  • You should only pay to eliminate bed bugs from a room that has bed bugs.

  • If you pay for bed bug extermination in a room that has no bed bugs, then what are you paying for?

Call Guaranteed Pest Solutions.

Bed bug experts in Las Vegas.

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