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Bees and Wasps
Emergency Services Available

As the weather turns warmer keep an eye out for wasps and bees flying around looking to start a nest on your property. The golden paper wasp liked to make nests in:

  1. Dense bushes

  2. Eves of homes

  3. Under roof tiles

  4. Inside attics if vent screens have a gap 

  5. Children's play structures outside

Bee swarm
Wasps on a nest

Bees hives are often found in:

  1. Irrigation boxes

  2. Ceramic yard art

  3. Inside the walls of a structure

  4. Inside a hollow tree

Sometimes you may see a bee swarm in Las Vegas, this looks like a big ball of bees hanging off of various things. They usually only stop for a day or two and move on looking for a new home. If you see this call our office for advice!

If you find a wasp nest or a bee hive on your Las Vegas or Henderson property call our office.
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