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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment - Using State of the art Thermal Bed Bug Equipment. The most advanced, effective way to eradicate bed bugs. It's proven. It's safe. It gets results. It's guaranteed.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

  • To be successful in bed bug treatment 100% removal is required. 99% removal is a failure.

  • When exterminating bed bugs we kill all stages of bed bugs in these three areas:  The structure, the furniture, personal belongings.

  • Heat treatment is a fantastic option for bed bug remediation.

  • Heat treatment can be completed in as little as 8 to 10 hours

  • No need to vacate overnight.

  • Our system is safe, no flash point, no chance of fire, no propane, non- electric consumption as we are self-contained so your NV Energy bill will not increase from heat treating.

Heat treating homes and business since 2008. There is more to successfully eliminating bed bugs than just getting a room hot - Knowledge is Key!

Bring the Heat- We use 6 highly specialized fan coils that deliver a thermostat controlled dry heat. Each fan coil delivers 80,000 btu's per hour, this allows us to heat an average size home in about  8 hours. All of this while only requiring one standard outlet  .

Bed bug heater in a closet

Move the Heat - We use 12 axial fans designed specifically for bed bug thermal remediation. The fans are designed to direct a whopping 3000 cfm's of heated air to the baseboards. 

Bed bug heater and fan

Measure the Heat - Accurately measuring the temperature is a vital aspect to a successful heat treatment. The thermal death point of all stages of bed bugs is 123 degrees. This means to we need to make sure the coolest temperature is 123 degrees. This means being able to measure internal temperatures NOT just surface temperatures. If you are cooking a turkey at home you don't test if it's done on the surface do you?  No, you check the internal temperature. The same goes for bed bug heat treatment. That is why we invested in thermal couplers that send live readings to a laptop that is onsite so the technicians can monitor the temperatures and move the fan coils and fans accordingly.

Measuring temperature under the carpet
Measuring ambient temp

Document the process - When the job is complete all of the reading are saved to a chart. These charts shows the live temperature readings from thoughtout the day along with a timeline. Each room treated has its own chart and these charts are emailed to the customer to document minimum and maximum temperatures along with how long the temperatures were held for.

Live temperature reading on the laptop

Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment & Photos from the field

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