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Bed Bug Exterminator Las Vegas Treatment Options

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

What option is right for you? We offer every available option for 100% bed bug removal and will recommend and use the right bed bug extermination method based on your current situation.

Chemical Application This the most common method used today. This method uses a combination of residual sprays and dust, but can also include contact killing agents and insect growth regulators. When performed correctly and the correct choice of products are used, this method is effective. Pros: Normally the least expensive plan; can be used in all building types; uses pesticides with a residual killing effect typically between 14 to 30 days. Cons: This method requires multiple treatments - typically 2 to 3 visits; most sprays and dusts do not kill bed bug eggs; some products are known to repel bed bugs; bed bugs are now resistant to many chemicals.

Bed Bug Heat Treatmet Heat is what most people are turning to in order to completely eliminate bed bugs in one day. Heat treatment is a green or eco-friendly process that will kill all stages of bed bugs. Infested rooms are heated to 130-140 degrees and the temperature is held for several hours -- killing all stages of bed bugs and their eggs.

Pros: No insecticides are used; only one treatment is needed (when performed correctly); most belongings can remain in your property and will be treated using heat; rooms are ready to reoccupy as soon as the room cools down; no need to throw out infested furniture including sofas, recliners, mattresses, box springs, or other items that typically are hard to -- or cannot be chemically treated with pesticides. With heat treatment – heat is the insecticide.

Cons: Specialized knowledge is needed when treating multi-unit dwellings; precautions must be taken for heat sensitive belongings; no residual killing; cost. – If cost is a factor, you need to consider that if you choose a pesticide treatment you will need to add in the replacement costs of discarded furniture, cost to replace mattresses and box springs, purchasing mattress and box spring encasements and also the time and labor it will take you to prepare your rooms. - - After factoring in all of the above, heat treatment typically costs less than traditional pesticide treatments.

Cyronite This method of killing bed bugs utilizes subzero C02 "snow" (also referred to as freezing bed bugs) to kill bed bugs on contact. We have found that his method is good, but rarely used in Las Vegas as heat treatment is the favorable option.

Pros: No insecticides are used; dry CO2 can be used in and around electrical sockets; kills instantly.

Cons: Contact killer only and has no residual effect; if you don’t visually see the bed bugs you will not kill them with this method.

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