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Do It Yourself Bed Bug Treatment: What NOT To Do When Looking for Bed Bug Info in Las Vegas!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Homeowners take pride in the accomplishment of do-it-yourself projects. But do-it-yourself bed bug treatment is highly not recommended for bed bug, and not just by us, even the National Pest Management Association advises against doing your own bed bug extermination!

Our Las Vegas Pest Control company warns against DIY bed bug extermination in Las Vegas as many things you read online about bed bug removal are simply myths and often fail leaving you were you started. Our office receives countless calls from homeowner’s and tenant’s in Las Vegas who take the wrong steps, throw out furniture, spend countless hours cleaning, bagging and wiping down walls, spraying repellants, using all natural or ineffective bed bug sprays and products only to find out they spread the infestation and/or made it worse.

Honestly, in the end most do-it-yourself bed bug treatments simply don’t work.

To help further drive the point home, here are just a few examples of what NOT to do when you have a bed bugs. Do not attempt a DIY heat treatment. Heat treatments are often a great solution to eliminating bed bugs without the use of pesticides.The idea is simple, heat the infested area to a high enough temperature to kill all stages of bed bugs. But, there have been many failed attempts at DIY bed bug heat treatments. Without the proper heating technology and monitoring devices, the result could be fire and/or damage to your furniture and belongings. It takes a lot of specialized knowledge, equipment, preparation, setup, and temperature control to perform an effective heat treatment which is why we recommend talking to us before a bed bug heat treatment in Las Vegas.

Does rubbing alcohol work to get rid of bed bugs? Wiping rubbing alcohol on your furniture to kill bed bugs is another myth. Sure, rubbing alcohol will kill a bed bug if applied directly on it, but it dissipates so quickly that there is zero residual and will only kill what you put it directly on – basically you could use a fly-swatter and get the same result!

Do not throw away your bed or furniture. This is often the first thing people do!They find bed bugs and start throw out beds and furniture and then self-treat with bed bug sprays, pay to have floors and carpets to be steam cleaned (which by the way will remove any products applied), buy and put new beds and furniture in the room – only to find out they still have bed bugs and then they are back to square one.

Should I encase or cover my mattress and box spring? Of course encasing your bed is recommended and often times required when you have bed bugs. But here’s another thing DIY’ers often do wrong. They install it at the wrong time! Say you purchase a bed cover from a local Las Vegas Walmart or Henderson Bed Bath & Beyond and put them on your bed.First off, bed bugs are not only in beds.Secondly, has the brand you purchased actually been tested or does it just say it’s for allergens, dust mites and bed bugs?Thirdly, what if you put the encasement on at the wrong time? Bed bugs will get onto the encasement you just paid for. Again, you’re back to where you square one.

This is another huge misconception. Should every room in my house be treated? Well, yes, “if” every room has bed bugs it requires elimination.But here’s another huge misconception.Why treat or pay to treat an entire house for bed bugs if the entire house does not have bed bugs?We all know that spraying alone for bed bugs does not work, so why spray an entire house if the entire house does not have bed bugs?Our Las Vegas Bed Bug Only Pest Control office receives calls all the time asking how much we charge to spray for bed bugs.The answer is that “we don’t spray for bed bugs.”One homeowner that called our office about treatment options stated that XYZ Pest Control Company is going to charge an initial $250.00 for the first treatment and will then come back to do additional treatments - the additional treatments would be billed monthly and weren't included in the initial price. They were told to remove and wash and dry everything and put it in bags outside for two days – two days, what will two days outside do? The caller was also advised to do this by XYZ Pest control and a visual bed bug inspection was NEVER done! It’s hard to conceive how any pest control that has a true bed bug protocol can advise over the phone exactly what needs to be done and charge a set price to get rid of bed bugs without doing an inspection.It is just simply not the right way it should be done. And there’s more…

Before treatment you should clean, bag, wash and drying everything in every room. Sure, clutter creates great places for bed bugs to hide and should be cleaned up, but another misconception is that everything in every room, drawer, and closet needs to be removed.Again, if every room does not have bed bugs then why are you removing everything?Why would you remove absolutely everything from a closet if there are no bed bugs in the closet?Again, it should be done the right way and you should be given preparation that needs to be done based on inspection findings.

The last popular bed bug misconception is that bed bugs require monthly pest control. Bed bug treatment does not require monthly pest control. Think about this – why pay for monthly pest control for bed bugs once you don't have bed bugs? Once they are gone they are gone. Of course general monthly pest control is a good idea to keep insects in your yard from entering your home -- but bed bugs don't live in your yard & monthly pest control just isn't needed for bed bugs. Anyone at anytime can re-introduce bed bugs into a home or apartment – but from our experience once you have bed bugs and utilize our services you become like a bed bug expert yourself! Along with our knowledge and expertise you will know what signs to look and how to prevent future bed bug infestations.

Guaranteed Pest Solutions, K-9 Sweeps bottom line for bed bug extermination -- do-it-right the first time. Before you attempt to get rid of bed bugs – whether you have a large bed bug infestation or small bed bug problem – call a Las Vegas Pest Control Company with the true knowledge on how to correctly handle your particular situation.Handling bed bugs right the first time will save you a lot of sleepless nights, time, energy, aggravation, and money.

Important: make sure the company you have come out sends out someone who knows about bed bugs. Ensure that the PCO or technician coming to your property has experience in finding and eliminating bed bugs. Ask how long the technician has been with the company and what bed bug training they have. Make sure the company gives you the best bed bug extermination option for “your” particular situation (and get a WARRANTY). Yes, when dealing with bed bugs you have options for elimination and you need a warranty with no strings attached.

Throughout Southern Nevada, including Henderson and Las Vegas, Guaranteed Pest Solutions has proven, safe and effective bed bug inspection and bed bug elimination options (notice this says “elimination” not “control.” Although often referred to as bed bug pest control – remember that you don’t want bed bugs “controlled” – you want them ELIMINATED.

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