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Scorpion Sting Treatment in Las Vegas

HELP! A Scorpion stung me! What do I do?

While bites often are harmless, in some cases they can lead to serious medical conditions. If you’ve been bitten by something venomous and are having a severe reaction or require antivenom, a potentially lifesaving treatment administered by hospitals, time is of the essence. As a general rule, if you have been bitten and start running a fever, feel disoriented or vomit, you should seek emergency medical treatment. If your symptoms are troublesome but mild, you can also call poison control first for advice. Poison control’s at the time of writing this post is: 800-222-1222

What to do if you’re stung by a bark scorpion

Bark scorpions tend to travel in packs, so if you find one, you may find more. They are typically non-aggressive unless provoked and are nocturnal, so they typically seek dark places to rest during the day. They often are found inside walls, woodpiles, garbage cans, garages, bed sheets and shoes, basically cooler places.

Scorpions are arachnids, related to ticks and spiders, and come in many sizes and colors. There are multiple scorpion species in Nevada. Most are not dangerous, but some can be deadly. The scorpion you’ll most likely encounter in the Las Vegas Valley is the bark scorpion.

A bark scorpion sting feels similar to a wasp or hornet sting, but scorpions release neurotoxins that affect the nervous system. The sensation of the sting has been compared to a mild electric shock. Symptoms usually last 24 to 72 hours and rarely are serious, but for some they can be very serious.

While as a pest control company we cannot provide medical advice, we do like to provide as much knowledge to our customers as possible!

Symptoms: Numbness and tingling, nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath

Serious symptoms: Numbness, paralysis, seizure-like symptoms

Elderly and children who are stung always should seek medical advice and/or medical attention. Your doctor, urgent care or a hospital can help you. Often an intravenous anti-venom can be used for the treatment of a scorpion sting. This treatment can resolve clinical toxicity within four hours after treatment.

Once you're on the road to recovery after you've been bit by a scorpion, always make sure your property has ongoing scorpion extermination from a knowledgeable Las Vegas Pest Control company that knows how to limit your family’s exposure to scorpions. Call us. Guaranteed Pest Solutions can help you with your scorpion solutions in Las Vegas and Henderson.

Southern Nevada is home to a few species of scorpions. We have the striped scorpion, the desert hairy and the bark scorpion are the most common found in the Las Vegas valley. Identifying what type of scorpion is on your property is a must. The bark scorpion is the most venomous found in the United States and if on your property needs to be dealt with. Our solution for scorpions includes knowledge of scorpion behaviors, exclusion (sealing entry points into your home or building) , Micro-encapsulation products for effective, long lasting control of scorpions, utilizing a dust formulation and if required a night time scorpion mapping inspection.

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