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Ants invade as weather warms up in Las Vegas

Updated: Jan 31

With all of the rain we have had in Las Vegas, the ground is moist and ants are just waiting for the warmer weather to arrive. There are few things more frustrating than an infestation of ants. Have you ever been laying by your pool and suddenly see ants everywhere? Have you had friends over for a barbecue only to notice ants all around your gas grill?

If you have found ants in your house or your yard you’ll want to eliminate them as quickly as possible to avoid a larger infestation of ants.

If near your pool patio or yard, or when ants start coming up from your slab, ants can be a major nuisance especially once they reach your kitchen pantry. Once they get inside ants spread and can show up everywhere.

Even despite your best do-it-yourself efforts and trying to use sprays from Home Depot or Ant spray from Lowe's, they can be very challenging to eliminate.

Getting rid of an ant problem typically requires the help of pest management professionals that utilize an integrated pest management approach to ant extermination in Las Vegas that will locate the source and eliminate your active infestation.

If you need help getting rid of ants in your Las Vegas, NV home or business, call Guaranteed Pest Solutions for ant service today. We can dispatch a technician to your home to identify the source and eliminate your ants.


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