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How Much Does Pest Control Cost In Las Vegas, NV

We recently conducted research for competitive pest control prices in Las Vegas to search out what our competition is charging. We are happy to announce that our pricing structure is LOWER! Call for details!

Also IMPORTANT, most companies as of January 2023 still charge an initial start up fee for pest control. We do not as of this post!

You can use the guide below to see and calculate how much pest control services cost in Las Vegas, NV. You can get prices for one-time pest control treatment, monthly, bi-monthly pest control and quarterly home pest control treatment by calling Guaranteed Pest Solutions.

Based on recent online research for pest control in Las Vegas, pest control services cost around $150 for a one-time treatment, $80 for bi-monthly services. For homeowners looking for quarterly pest control services, expect to invest around $129 per treatment. At Guaranteed Pest Solutions we recommend bi-monthly pest control as most pest control products do break down after about 60 days and need to be reapplied to completed pest protection. Pest control services for invaders such as ants, spiders, and roaches are standard. However, dealing with pigeons, scorpions, bees, wasps, rodents or termites often require

on onsite inspection.

Pest Control Pricing in Las Vegas, NV

Average based on 2023 internet search:

Single Treatment

$140 – $298

First visit Visit

$155 – $300

Monthly Treatment

$45 – $72

Bi-Monthly Treatm



Quarterly Treatment

$95 – $285

Annual Treatment

$270 – $490

*The pest control costs in the chart above we found are for homes under 2,000 square feet. Pest contr

ol cost can increase for larger houses, but generally not much more. These are estimates only that were found via google research for pest control in Las Vegas, NV. Call us for a price quote! You'll be glad you did as our prices are lower and we go above and beyond with our pest control services! Guaranteed.

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